The Ingrid Kristensen Ballet Company

Ingrid Kristensen is performances, installations, workshops and research. Ingrid Kristensen work with municipalities, regions and institutions on performances, celebrations and projects.
The ballet company focuses on dance and bodily expressions, and it often gives the partners new inspiration in their own field of interest.
Ingrid Kristensen has created a large international network of scientists, artists and knowledge institutions that participates in the the projects.

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Dance in all cracks

Interactive dance performances, more formats than the usual
Despite the dance versatility and development, the focus of this is still quite small the world,  for many people the dance seems to be reserved for dance elite. But perhaps it is time that we seriously begin to develop and exploit the great potential of dance by providing dance diverse expression in all crevices - to the delight of both the perpetrator, children, men and women?

Ingrid Kristensen performs everywhere

Ingrid Kristensen strives to place dance, the body and movement on the global agenda by taking new and unconventional routes, and by taking dance, theatre, performance and multi-sensory art places they have never been before.

Ingrid’s world is full of paradoxes and subtlety. The inspiration comes from everywhere; people, animals, culture, nature. Then dance is transformed into an aesthetical expression that explores both the mutual and the particular – and the fragrance of it all. Ingrid performs everywhere for small or large audiences, and her new research project Sense & Dance has given a whole new dimension to the work that now encompassed touch, smell and taste! An artistically innovative work reaching audiences in unexpected ways.

Ingrid Kristensen creates performances for specific places and occasions in small or large scale to fulfill your needs. This could include participating in the innovative work of Sense & Dance project. The company has a variety of performances on repertoire but suggest presenting the newest performance Magic Move created in relation to the Sense & Dance research project. It can be combined with the wandering performance Bird Love – also available on its own.

Xing Hai Symphony Concert Hall
World Expo Shanghai
Miami Carnival Centre for The Performing Arts

Sence & Dance - First Paper

Inspiration and music

Productions from Ingrid Kristensen may be described as narrative images of emotion with poetry, the lyrics, innocent humour and a subtle sensuality. Nature has always been Ingrid Kristensen’s primary source of inspiration.

Therefore landscapes, the whistling of the wind, a look from a hen or a wing of a bird are always present in the dance pieces as a reminder from where we descend and what we are part of. The essence is the modern dance, but elements from new circus, text, use of voice and inspiration from other art genres also form part of the pieces.

New music is also of essential value and is part of all the productions, where several years of collaboration with different composers, a.o. Fuzzy and Anders Vejen Andersen are adding a musical experience of high quality to the works of art beyond the dance itself.

The Sense & Dance Project

Sense & Dance briefly.

The project has run from February 2010 until January 2013. The project is funded by the Arts Council of Denmark, The Region of Southern Denmark and The Municipality of Odense as well a number of smaller sponsorships. 
The project has consisted of a number of ‘research-performances’, audience studies, installations, videos, films and a sculpture.
From the beginning of the project it has been supported by an innovation board consisting of 24 people with some of the highest expertise within the areas.